All Americans should have access to adequate medical care and

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All adults could be overweight in 40 years

Put down that burger and canada goose expedition black friday fries and consider this: a new study says that every American adult could be overweight in 40 years. We actually not so far away now with two thirds of the population already overweight.

Canada Goose sale Researchers say that if the trends of the last 30 years hold up by 2030, 86% of adults will be overweight, with 51% obese. By 2048, they predict all adults could be overweight. Canada Goose sale

Certain groups like African Americans and Mexican Americans are expected to suffer the most from weight issues. In fact, all black women and almost all Mexican American men could be overweight in less than canada goose bodywarmer uk 30 years.

canada goose uk black friday And it not just the scales we be tipping. The study shows that health care costs related to all this weight will double each decade, reaching $957 billion in about 20 years. Or even more. canada goose uk black friday

Some experts doubt that all of us will be obese or overweight in 40 years, but they agree the problem is getting worse. Others say it just might happen if Americans keep eating more and moving around less. Researchers call for major efforts to improve lifestyles in this country along with social changes, like healthier food choices and making neighborhoods more canada goose uk head office pedestrian friendly.

Here’s my question to you: What should Americans do so that all of us aren’t overweight in 40 years?

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Canada Goose Parka Raymond from Gatesville, Texas writes: Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats Very well might happen with all the games around for young people to play. Parents do not send them out to play and exercise. And fathers and mothers canada goose expedition uk no longer cook when they can buy prepared unhealthy meals and go by fast food places. canada goose coats

Well, Jack, Americans don need to be afraid of putting their burgers down just yet just start moving! You can eat what you like, as long as you keep it in moderation, but the key is to be more active. Our bodies were made to expend lots of calories, and what with our sedentary lifestyles (video games, desk jobs, etc.) we don get a lot of movement.

Greg from Cabot, Arkansas writes:

uk canada goose Gas has more than doubled in the past few years, so I drive less and walk more. Food prices have skyrocketed because of the cost of fuel, so I eat less. If the price of gas continues to go up, oil companies will get fatter, Americans will lose weight problem solved. Exxon can take the credit for whipping Americans into shape. uk canada goose

Imagine a world without double Big Macs and breakfast tacos?! It would be madness!

I think this study is completely ridiculous. Yes, it is true that we have a very overweight population. I mean let’s face it, our country is the only one in the world that has fat poor people, everyone else’s poor are starving You can’t say that everyone will be overweight! I know I won’t be. I believe that our country is getting more and more health conscious every single day.

canada goose store Monty from El Paso, Texas writes: canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose We’ve become addicts to finger licking good and greasy victuals. I can’t resist the fries, burgers, enchiladas, tacos, and T bone steaks. I’m trying to eat more vegetables. It’s not easy when our country is surrounded by golden arches and when we allow burger kings to rule our lives. Revolution is the answer! But first, I have to take my TV dinner out of the microwave oven. cheap Canada Goose

We need nutritional education in schools as well as healthy school lunches. Recess and physical education should be brought back in every school, every day. All Americans should have access to adequate medical care and physicians and nurses need to prescribe diet and exercise, not just pills. Lastly, when you go to the cheap canada goose grocery store, an orange shouldn cost a dollar while calorie laden mac and cheese in a box is 35 cents. Fattening foods cost a lot less than healthy fruits and vegetables. That needs to change.

My most ascerbic response is that, within 40 years, all the adults will have died off from over indulgence, lack of concern, couch potato sores, and the like. I just hope that canada goose outlet mandatory health insurance doesn make me pay for their excesses.

Societally, we should educate, educate, educate kids on the benefits of weight management and other healthy habits. Maybe within 40 years, we have a generation that fit.

Financially, health insurance should be scaled to someone weight, airlines should be allowed to charge for 2 seats, maybe the same tax theory that applies to cigarettes (pays for the medical costs of the state) should apply to being overweight. Other than maybe the 1% with a genetic disposion to obesity, there are no excuses.

I think we should go back to eating homecooked meals, walking, and playing outside. We didn have all these issues when I was a kid (almost 40 years ago). We were as healthy as horses. Now, not so much. Instead of preparing food, we bringing saturated fats, overly breaded and other buy canada goose jacket cheap yummy toxins home. Then we sit in front of the flat screen to either play video games, watch movies or settle in for an evening with the Situation Room. Eat another fat pill and go to sleep. Awww the fat life living the dream!!

We need things to be accessible again. We like to drive everywhere, to the mall, grocery store, we drive to the gym. I see 8 10 cars in the drive through at Starucks, how about skipping starbucks and walking a little more, I know I guilty of that too. I see myself almost 36 getting and I don like how I feet, so I am doing something about it now! I remember in grade school through high school, PE was a big part of school, now a days it and parents can write any excuse to not have their kid not exercise! It should be mandatory for all who are able bodied. It should be for 1 hour during each school day. Children really do not need every toy and every morsel of food that they see, particularly if either inhibits their active play. They must be encouraged to make the proper choices rather than being completely steered and scheduled by their parents. Our deepening economic crisis may force this upon us that may not be such a bad thing. I won be around to see it because in 40 years, I would be canada goose jacket outlet store pushing 100. When was the last time you saw an overweight 100 year old.

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