Daley administration kept a list of 5

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Seeing it in person is quite different from trying to envision
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moncler outlets uk As a prot pally, all of the mobs just hurt so much and no one remembers the mechanics. Did all 5 dungeons for the weekly and it was a breeze, maybe they are a bit harder than a Mythic1 type dungeon, but they are definitely not as hard as a +7 and up mythic dungeons which my paladin at 370 item level regularly tanks anyways.Not really understanding where people are coming from with these complaints to be honest.What else was I supposed to do, I had my brews on CD constantly, had to spam Vivify on myself to just stay alive a bit.The adds 3 shot the statue so that is a no go talent.Half the dps will break cc instantly, and the other half don interrupt.Fact is, Timewalking is vastly overtuned since the stat squish. I think i can agree with that.i personally like that you actually get damage and that mistakes actually matter moncler https://www.cmoncleroutlett.com outlets uk.

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