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They are also a source for medicine and food
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You give money to someone at the higher end, they put money in the bank. They save it. You give a dollar to someone at the lower end, they go out and spend it.”. Budget: Everything comes with a price including comfort and luxury. Generally the online car rental company charge three to four times extra for luxurious and premium cars. Before booking such cabs it is necessary to make sure that the level of comfort provided by such companies are also three to four times of the level of comfort..

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Tropical getaways are what vacation dreams are made of. Swaying palms, powder fine sands, and clear blue waters what’s not to like? Well, stop dreaming and listen up! “Tropical” doesn’t have to mean prohibitively expensive: booking a rental home can make that tropical daydream a reality without blowing your lodging budget. With a rental property from TripAdvisor, you’ll have the advantage of more space, added privacy, and maybe even your own backyard or beachfront! Cocktail under a palm tree, anyone?.

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