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มกราคม 23, 2014
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มกราคม 25, 2014

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I routinely managed to save 9000+ gems and blown stashes of them and a few bucks before to build different decks with no particular issues. I a light spender, and the only reason I spend anything at all is because replica bags pakistan I don think I ever really felt like Duel Links was ripping me off or that I wasn getting what I paid for at least, as long as I saw it replica kipling bags in comparison to a trading card game as opposed to other types of online games, which I think is fair from my point of view since that what I familiar with. If you someone who sees something like Structure Decks in comparison to DLC in console games, then it feels unfair, but that about a third of what three Structure Decks cost in real life, so from my point of view, it seems fine..

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